Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Taste of Borneo Paradise

This is more than cook book; it is an 5 star chef of Sabah a chef 's journey, with recipes to illustrate the experiences and philosophies that have shaped his cuisine. A Taste of Borneo Paradise book one of Sabah top chefs and it is a story of local boy or girl mastering elite Western cuisine through sheer determination and passion. It is told with much humility and candour, lending the book a compelling intimacy.

The food featured is the fine Western fare with chef's unmistakeable mark. Pretty, plated fine dining dishes are not the most accessible, but the food in this book looks appealing and delicious. This is partly because the chef's passion for his creations is infectious and his description are engaging.

This is a book design & photographs by Nancy Koh.

A Taste of Borneo Paradise: Exploring 5-Star Cuisine in Borneo Paradise

The photographs in this book are also excellent, whether they are the ones that capture the chef in his various moods or pictures of the food itself. To share her knowledge and philosophy; The introduction to every chapter and recipes combines all chef's personal anecdotes and useful tips on working with ingredients and cooking methods.

The recipes are well written and many feature gourmet ingredients; these may be daunting to amateur cook not adept at working with these ingredients or unfamiliar with the cooking techniques required. This would however be an exciting book for the more accomplished cook and the discerning gourmet.

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