Thursday, December 30, 2010

Close 2010

In the unconscious, Stranger From Oven is already reaching one and a half years. All the bitter and sweet pastry over the author of this blog has made me who always worked hard for this, ensuring that each view is the best. Although at times still seems weak, but do not break the spirit to continue fighting Stranger From Oven. In fact, consider these weaknesses as experiences and lessons for the future. So, why the results are seen today.

Throughout this publication, I also received many comments of Developing and support of its readers, every drop of it will certainly provide little satisfaction and also provide encouragement to continue forward. Always try to look more fresh and special for all readers.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 main types of cheese that are commonly used in Pastry

Each country has different traditions in a serving of cheese. In Italian, the cheese in the dish as an appetizer. French country serving cheese after the main course, while British and the United States, the cheese is often served after dessert. While in Malaysia do not follow the rules in the serving of cheese. You definitely take on the cheese when serving appetizers, main or dessert. Others, if you eat cheese with cocktails as a friend.

By using basic ingredients, the cheese can be made from cow's milk, buffalo, sheep and goats. While the texture of the cheese are categorized into two types of soft cheese with a rate of 36-40% water content, and old cheese or hard cheese has a moisture content of 25-36% only. Here I introduce the 5 most common types of cheese, or be used in the pastry kitchen alone.

Type of soft cheese from France, the first created in the 18th century in the village of Normandy. Camembert made from cow's milk. The texture is very soft with a creamy yellow color. This cheese contains fat between 45% -50%. In addition to delicious meals, or as a table, also suitable for the core mixture Souffle, pancakes or apple pie.

Cream cheese
In any marketplace, we can find two types of cream cheese. Double Cream Cheese is the first choice of the fat content of 65%. While cream cheese is only 45% contain only fat. Unlike other types of cheese, the cream cheese has a slightly sour taste. This cheese is usually used for desserts such as cheesecake, pie or tomb as a core with pieces of fruit.

This type of cheese is also the original Italian cheese using milk buffaloes. Soft cheese with a fat content between 40-50% is a very specific nature. Mozzarella will melt when baked. It is ideal as a topping for pizza or fritata.

One type of hard cheese that comes from the town of Parma, Italy. Basically, the cylinder-shaped with light yellow color. Its texture is hard, suitable for grating cheese. Parmesan cheese aroma is quite sharp for a very long process of ripening, from 14 months to 4 years. This cheese is ideal for the distribution of pizza, soup, or processed various types of pasta. Parmesan cheese Fat content is around 61%.

One type of cheese that comes from the British the most preferred around the world. It was delicious with the scent is not too sharp Cheddar makes is suitable for any kind of cuisine. Casserole dishes, soup, sandwich core will be more tasty with the addition fat Cheddar cheese was 48% with the curing time for 9-24 months.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sana Sini 8

The process of making cheese
Cheese originally made in three stages:

I) Coagulation.
After the fresh milk is heated (pasteurized), and substances which are acidic or certain bacteria culture added. The purpose of this process so that lactose is converted to acid deposition or coagulation to the formation of tofu like curd.

II) Formation and Salting.
Chunks of curd or milk that has been formed during the coagulation process and then compacted in a mold case may require. The next stage is salting. How to dip the curd into the milk salt solution containing 250-350 grams per liter of water. The purpose of this salting, to speed up the drying process, giving the taste, aroma also functions as a preservative for retarding the proliferation microorganism salt.

III) Aging or Fermentation

Cheese maturation process is best done in a dry area with temperatures between 0 C-32 C. the maturation process is dependent on the type of cheese desired. For a soft cheese requires a period of incubation in 4 weeks, but for hard cheese requires a period of 2-3 years. During this fermentation process, the contents of the taste and texture of the cheese will be formed

Monday, December 13, 2010

Recognize Cheese

Cheese food certainly is not coming from our country, but in everyday life is part of our community is very close but may become mandatory in the menu of dishes daily. Although expensive, the fans will always remember the cheese out for or addiction. Temptations of a fat taste salty cheese made with special aromas are always sought after by fans. Not to mention the nutritional content of protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, calories and fat. Get all the cheese. No matter what the reason, why we know more closely the history of cheese first.

Cheese has been found since thousands of years ago. At that time, a shepherd to keep milk cows slowly results in sacks made of goat skin. Few days later, a traveler has discovered the goat skin bags are left in the cave, for the very hungry traveler, traveling is eating. Not unexpected at all, the milk is proven to be very tasty. After carefully turns the milk fermented by certain microorganisms found on the leather sack. That created the original start of the cheese.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Cup Cakes

Cupcake design is not new because it was invented a long time. But a few years ago, a sudden burst of madness on this little cupcake. Not only in our country, but around the world! Cakes using the reference one by one in a paper cup is very popular among fans of mini cakes. Now the cute cupcakes and more popular choice as a light dessert. Those who love to eat cake on a diet but can enjoy a cupcake just because there are not many calories.
Making cupcakes is a lot of advantages. Cakes cook faster because of small size with a variety of delicious flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, honey, cheese, orange and others. Cupcakes liberally decorated with a variety of ways, feel, and the model with the cream, icing, chocolate, fruit and marzipan. The cupcakes are ready composed looked beautiful and breathtaking. However, even if no such decoration, still looks enticing cupcake cups because the pattern of colored paper. Now many cups sold a variety of designs and warn the beautiful and interesting.
How to serve cupcakes is easy. You do not need to cut the cake is ready. You just have to put on a cupcake tiered trays or dishes for the more striking and impressive guests.
Because of the advantages mentioned above, by promoting the creation of chef and cupcake dealers on the web site, blog and facebook. Many types of cupcakes that you can find now, and according to your creativity and customers do not care any event, it is suitable for a cake theme. For example, for women clients, you make cup cake flowers while the male customers, cupcake balls. For children, cartoon cupcake design and a cute animal.
To ensure your business continues to grow, do not forget to provide an elegant package with competitive prices. The box is fast becoming the latest styles will attract more customers. Cupcakes can be wrapped for each, the twin half-dozen or dozen boxes according to size of package which is available at stores that sell the ingredients to make cakes and pastries.