Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit about Slice Cake

Why do we need to mention the Slice cake? Why not just continue to say cake only? Did not originally it was a great cake? The story of the piece of cake is often referred to slice this cake makes you confused? While large in size, its name can be just cakes or pies only. However, after the cut is changed to slice cake. More confused because not all of the cut cake slice cake can be named as Brownies. You do not have all of this. But this is only a matter of consensus among experts cakes only. Most importantly, you can create and enjoy their own delights.

Tips for slice cake:
  • Creating slice cake to suit taste. Be cut square, rectangular, oblique lines, round, oval and more. Round and oval cut with dough cutter to cut the cake.
  • As always slice cake loaded with any content of various types, use a sharp knife to cut it.
  • It is always advisable to cut the cake by moving it backwards (like sawing) with emphasis on the cake knife.
  • Decorate the cake can be in action when the cake has not been cut, may also after the cut. But more beautiful when decorated cake when cut. But, a little frivolous.
  • Cake is cut, preferably wrapped in plastic or stored in closed containers so as not to dry

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