Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boil Green Beans Tips

For those of you who just want to eat the green beans into pulp by cooking it, do try this simple tip. All the housewives have understood that need to be cooked until completely tender beans. How to soften beans faster? Boil the beans to a boil, then remove from heat. Allow some time until quite cold. After that, boil again for a second time. After that, you'll quickly see your green beans soft. So it can save you time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green beans cure diseases such as

Stomach ache
Many traditional recipes to overcome an upset stomach, starting with guava leaves which have been proven effective and as well as other ingredients. But this will also try to treat the green bean recipes. Boil the green beans 60g with 15 pieces of pepper, cinnamon 3g, 3g nutmeg, cardamom 3g, 3g and 2 cloves ginger steps. All the material was boiled with 1 liter of water. Continue to simmer until it became ½ liters, and then be taken regularly.

It hurts when the body begins to boil covered. Moreover, if the abscess is located at the back, of course, sit down. Many drug products to treat ulcers are usually external to the treatment with only the overgrown sweeps on the boil. So, if you want a more economical, try this recipe for treating ulcers and internal. Boil 50g 50g green beans with red bean, black bean 50g ginger and 2 field. All the ingredients except the ginger, boiled. Ginger boiled separately and then mixed into the stew beans earlier. after that, you can drink it regularly. However, these ingredients to a boil just immature. If the abscess is ripe, need to add the honey.

Strengthens male sexual
It has been stated many traditional recipes for overcoming illness does not lead to male power. We can find drugs that start from different herbal medicines that are imported so the price is quite expensive. What if you only try this recipe for green beans? First 30g green beans boiled together two sections of ginger, pepper 15g, 15g cumin, pulasari 15g, 15g kucai seeds, melon seeds 15g and 15g coriander seeds. All ingredients are boiled with the syllabus and make 300ml 600ml water. drinking regularly until proven usefulness.

Hair loss
Is your hair a little drop? Try this recipe. Green beans with 1 cup boiling water. Look not to bean when the boil burst. So, after looking a little ripe, but not broken, soon lifted. Once cool, green bean broth was used to moisten the scalp massage while a long-massage. Let dry, then wash with shampoo.

Baby fever
Give 1 cup green beans with broth plus 1 tablespoon of honey to the baby fever. This gave the broth a spoonful by spoon.

Muscle pain and swelling
This disease will show some bulges in the legs. the emergence of this disease is indeed disturbing the beauty of the foot. So, what if you use this recipe to treat your disease. Take a handful of green beans with 2 cups boiling water. Let the water recede as much as 1 cup. Drinking boiled water is 2 times a day, morning and before bed. In addition,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green Bean

Do not look lightly on the green beans. Yes, nuts are small size between the types of nuts are out to have benefits for the spraying of various diseases. So far we only know. Green beans are a delicious nutritious foods when used as green bean porridge or cakes.

Nutrient found in green beans are green beans in a 110g contains 345 calories, 22.2g protein, 1.2g fat, vitamin A, B1, minerals such as fasfor, iron and mg. Now other nutrient / vitamin, green beans can be proven cure diarrhea, inflammation of the kidneys, digestive launched, high blood pressure, overcome alcohol poisoning, pesticides, lead, overcame the irritation caused by perspiration, vomiting, strengthen heart function and lung dysfunction, cholera, acne, pigmentation of the skin to overcome and others.

Green beans can also reduce fever, but according to the study, green beans are the most effective medication to reduce fever, body heat when compared with other traditional ingredients. Better yet, let alone a long time to disintegrate when boiled. Green beans remain healthy even if cooked too long and was not affected by heat treatment. Unlike beans, vegetables, fruit and other traditional ingredients, when boiled too long will have less nutritional value in the treatment. While the drugs are expensive. So, what is wrong if you try the traditional recipe of green beans ...