Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last page of the Calendar

Ah,.... I still can't believe that a year has gone by and in such a flurry too. The end of the year always mean one big baked-up for folks in the food industry. And when festive season collide, if's one big headache coming up, as in the coming soon festive occasions, all within the span of a month or so.

All I can say is that it always humbles me at the end of each year to see the opportunities that have opened up for me in the year to serve people and to see lives transformed as a result. This gives me a new impetus for greater commitment in new year to do more so that every opportunity is not lost and before it is too late.

May this coming year be filled with all that you would wish for yourself.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas brings with it many cheerful sounds and salubrious images, a huge and jolly Santa Claus, Christmas trees, the traditional pudding, sprigs of mistletoe, heavenly sounding carols, brightly wrapped presents for loved ones, and strings of greeting cards hanging from window to window.
Christmas throughout the country celebrate Christmas on a moderate but joyful scale. On Christmas eve, thousands of Christian families welcome the birth of Christ at midnight mass.

It's Christmas and we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Thank you for sharing your birthday with us. So generous that we all get presents and cake to eat.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Panettone Bread

It usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas around Italy. Bread of Milan and one of the symbols of the city. See the bread and feel as the home.

Let hear what the Italian chef says about little bit Panettone, " Il classico dolce italiano con il gusto ricco e la naturale bonta che piace a tutti. Prodotto seguendo la ricetta originale caratterizzata da un impasto fragrante e soffice ricco di burro, unva uva sultanina e frutta candita."
meaning, "The classic italian cake with the rich taste and natural goodness that all will enjoy. The original recipe is characterized by a fragrant and scented dough, rich in butter, eggs, raisins and candied fruit. The dought is raised naturally in a special paper from until it reaches the traditional and famous rounded shape."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dresden Stollen

Stollen or stolen? So I try to crate one story about "Stolen" but writing in bahasa Malaysia version, Jadi ceritanya, ada sebuah bakery di Eropah ingin mencari pendapatan lebih lumayan pada musim perayaan seperti Christmas. Ia telah mencipta satu resipi baru untuk di jual pada musim perayaan itu. Lalu ia fikir cara nak menpomosikan produk baru itu kepada semua penduduk sana dengan cara meletakan X'mas loaf yang baru bakar dari oven dan letak di luar tingkap dan aroma loaf itu telah tertarik semuanya, termasuk pengemis. Dalam masa itu pengemis bertekad ingin nak makannya, kemudian pergi bakery itu mengambil tanpa menbayar, lalu cabut lari. Dalam masa itu juga pekerja sana ternampak , lalu menjerit pencuri (stolen), pencuri (stolen).....pencuri (stolen).

Pada masa itu Stolen mungkin ada nama tersendiri, sebab belum sempat nak menletakkan nama untuk dijual lagi, dah telah dicuri pula. Jadi setiap yang pengunjung ke bakery ingin nak menbeli loaf baru itu, tetapi tidak tahu namanya dan teringat loaf yang di curi dan dijerit oleh pekerja iaitu stolen, stolen.

No lah, Originally from Dresden, Germany, this traditional holiday bread is a delight to the sense. Tastes like a brioche but sweeter and filled with fruit and nuts. Are you curiously, why the stollen loaf shape like that? Because the shape of the loaf was originally meant to represnt the baby Jesus born and wrapped in swadding clothes.
oh yeh.. I would be very interested to hear any version you have. As there are also other stories roumoured to be true as to now the stollen come to be.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Gifts

Busy, busy December......smelling the baking in air, running around to find the perfect present for that special guest check in and thinking of all the wonderful gifts to share with guest. We're constantly working hard- dreaming, creating and trying out recipes that'll have you over moon without too much effort. Our manifesto? Food that's simple and delights all the senses. Sounds like an impossible mission? No way...just need do it 500 basket gifts must be done.

Check out the surprise baskets offered at this Christmas! Pick and taste your favourite from the selection basket, Surprise basket with 1 nos minced pie, 2 nos top grade Valrhona chocolate Santa Claus, 1 bottle champagne, 2 nos mandarin orange, 3 different types Christmas cookies, 1 nos Christmas fruits cake, 1 nos ginger bread and 1 nos Dresden stollen. Don't fret, all you need is a kitchen and little touch, shows you how to turn yummy food into the best gift ever, from the heart.