Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mr. Jack O Lantern

Lanterns made of carved pumpkins are a common symbol signifying Halloween. Folklore dictates that there was a drunken prankster named jack who managed to trick the Devil into climbing up a tree and trapping him by carving an image of a cross on it. After making the Devil promise to leave him alone, Jack let him off. But the Devil got his revenge upon Jack’s death. Denied entry into Heaven, the Devil also barred Jack from Hell. Jack was then doomed to wander the earth as a restless spirit.

To help keep him warm and to find his way around, the Devil gave him a single ember carried in a Hollowed out turnip. Pumpkins were made popular when Irish immigrants to the U.S. bought with them the culture. They couldn’t find any turnips but used pumpkins instead.

Halloween is now more of cultural tradition than a festival of the dead, but trace elements of ancient influences can still be found. The costumes worn by children going trick or treating ( which was an ancient practice by beggars going from door to door asking for food in exchange for a prayer), is an excellent example.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cake Kain Batik

Batik is an excellent field of handicrafts in Malaysia. Since the 15th century more people have found the traditional method of batik making. In the past, the Malay community to use the potato as a taster, but now have developed batik with modern equipment. Batik was first introduced in our country, especially in Kelantan since 1910 again.Batik from Java and is derived from the word 'tik' which means to drip points or write. Ambatik also means drawing, writing, painting or drip

Kain Batik is a tradition in Malaysia, then all the people like the batik patterns and unique, even if it is a bit complicated to make, it has a diverse and exciting range of designs and colors for use with multi-colored icing to the cake line, whether for official necessarily meet your interest at least it can help you prepare the cake according to how the pattern of Malaysia.

It is also filled with such images are in color on the cake. There is no doubt it is also versatile and can serve for various functions, not only for major festivals like Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Gawai Dayak, Deepavali, etc., but also for sending an engagement, wedding, gifts and as. Only those who have the patience and creativity are highly capable of producing patterned batik cake unique and beautiful.

Furthermore, one of the core activities of the tourism economy, the government may one day identify the cake patterned batik cloth as a tourism product in the future, "

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bye bye Chef

This is our Pastry Chef come from Indonesia. I still remember when he first entering into pastry and let we hear some advice from him. Berbunyi macam ini……….

Kudapan manis selalu membawa kenangan yang bahagian bagai kita, maka dia selamanya ada makanan yang paling disukai. Kalian mau bikin kudapan manis yang sedap dibilang sukar ya tidak sukar, dibilang gampang yang tidak gampang, kalau mau bikinnya enak pasti akan lihat kamu punya keahlian seni dapur.

Lebih macam resepi kudapan manis, kue- kue dan kek yang dingin macam- macam ada kecocokan dengannya. Ini semua bisa jadi kamu punya guru yang bagus supaya kamu masaknya merasa senang, juga supaya orang yang makan pun sama juga senang hati. Kalianmau mencoba ia nya?

E, ya Pak…….

Goodbye and good luck! Parting is difficult but life is full of change and moving is just one of life’s realities – I hope you find happiness in your new career and city, and that you won’t forget your good friends left behind.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sana Sini 7

It was in the 1700's however that the wedding cake as we know it really came into its own as multi-tiered cakes made of fruit (a symbol of fertility) became the centrepiece of many weddings. Thick fondant now known as Royal icing gained its name during this era after it was used on the wedding cake of Queen Victoria herself and Prince Albert. Perishables were extremely expensive around this time, with double refined sugar being one of the most pricey food items going. Thus the traditional white wedding cake was not a symbol of purity and virginity originally (rather this came later) but a sign of the family's wealth, who could afford such luxurious goods.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Cakes TYT

KOTA KINABALU: The official birthday of the Yang Dipertua Negeri of Sabah will now be celebrated on the first Saturday of October every year, State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman said.In a statement, he said the new official birthday was decided as the previous date of Sept 16 had been declared as Malaysia Day.

“In line with this change, the Yang Dipertua Negeri’s official birthday for this year will be celebrated on Oct 2,” he said.

TYT received more than 10 cakes from various organisations in conjunction with his birthday on Saturday.

The cakes were presented to the TYT at a ceremony at the Istana Negeri, here.

Almost cake on the 1Malaysia concept from lot a hotel, The other hotels that presented cakes were Nexus, Shangri-la’s group, Beverly Hotel,Hyatt Regency Tang Dynasty, Promenade Hotel, Sutera Harbour, Le Meridien and The Palace hotel