Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is only a bread ...would you eat it ???

Mothers Day Cake

Just a simple thank you,
is all that i can say & make,
is my very special mum,
on her very special day.

Stranger From Oven

I spent must of time at a bakery. I worked in a bakery during the whole years and as i enjoyed this work very much and one day become a Baker. I still very much enjoy my job. I is simply fascinated by the large number of different doughs and the different processes required to make bread and bakery items. I also finds the baker profession so interesting as it is varied, especially if you work in a hotel bakery. There are already a number of different types of bread on the place. But it is always possible to create new ones...........Since i join in hotel line,

However and I realize, also thinks that as a baker my have less scope for professional advancement than as a pastry chef or confectioner.

So i faced with the choice of profession again. Now is i asked is to my self for the future is? To replied, to be able to work in many more different way and have the chance to develop, both on a personal and professional level.