Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Father's Day cake

To my Dad on his day,
Thank you Dad for listening and caring,
For giving and sharing,
But especially for just being you!
Happy Fathers Day....

Rich white chocolate cake.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The big day cake

At last! the Frog of the cakes i have made have arrived, after many failed attempts to take some good wedding cake of the guest flavours. I am self-taught and still learning. I almost have a passion to crate a wedding cake which will differ from those you many see in a shop, and like many decorators try to use my own designs and think them through carefully. At the moment "One day in forest" cake is my favorite the animals and some else too are made by hand from scratch, a long time in the making but I feel the end result is well worth it.
Real cake adds a nice touch to a small wedding, or if the reception is at a garden. Don,t we all love the cake cutting ceremony at weddings! It is such an endearing scene, we think there
should be one at every wedding .
To seal a fairytale wedding, the perfect cake by the guest comment.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiramisu O love.

This Frog tiramisu is served in plain coffee cups. Two layers of savoiardi in, one it are soaked with espresso and another one for deco. It is delicate because i do not put any gelatine or cream cheese into the mixture.
If you've never heard of it, you may be wondering now, what is a tiramisu? It sounds almost Japanese, but "tira mi su" is Italian for "pick me up".

On the subject of recipe, most "authorities" agree that the basic components tiramisu are mascarpone cheese, cream, sugar, egg yolks, savoiardi (sponge biscuits), marsala wine a fortified wine originating from sicily, is strong in character and can be dry or sweet, but other types of liquor like rum, brandy or even kahlua or amaretto may be used, coffee and shaved chocolate or cocoa powder.....The sponge fingers are usually soaked with coffee. Caffeine must be one of the reasons why this dessert is a "pick me up"! but it was not have a Love Story behind of the tiramisu, So i try crate one love story about "pick me up" but writing in bahasa Malaysia version, Jadi ceritanya pada waktu dunia peperangan yang pertama. Ada sepasang kekasih yang bercinta terpaksa berpisah agar lama atas sebab kekasih lelaki tu pergi berperang. Kebetulan hari tu rombongan angkatan tentera yang di anggotai oleh kekasihnya telah bersinggah ke pekan kekasih perempuan untuk tujuan mengisi minyak, makanan dan minuman. Berita ini telah diketahui oleh kekasih perempuannya kerana hari itu juga merupakan harijadi kekasihnya. Dalam masa yang singkat ne. Kekasih perempuan nak buat sebiji kek kepadanya tetapi ia tidak menpunyai masa yang cukup untuk membakarnya. Jadi memaksa kekasih perempuan ne masuk ke dapur dan melihat apa ia boleh buat dalam masa yang suntuk ini, malangnya di dalam dapur hanya tinggal mascarpone, cream, gula, biskut, kopi dan serbuk kokoa. Tanpa membuang masa yang banyak, ia telah siap membuat keknya. Dalam masa itu juga trak anggota tentera berangkat ke tempat yang ditujukan. Jadi menyebabkan kekasih perempuan mengejar trak itu hanya sempat membawa keknya sambil mengejar dan menjerit "pick me up", "pick me up" "pick me up" dalam keadaan trak masih bergerak dan tidak berhenti, Dalam masa itu juga kekasih lelaki sempatlah mengambil keknya dan mengucapkan bye bye to my lover. Dah lama mereka berperang mana ada pernah makan makanan yang sedap seperti kek ne. Jadi kek ini telah berkongsi dengan anggota askar yang lain dan mereka memuji dan menanya pula kepada kekasih lelaki ne apa nama sebenar kek ne? Pada halnya ia pun tidak tahu, Tiba-tiba ia teringat waktu ia bagikan kek ini hanya menjerit " pick me up" So jadilah Tiramisu...
As there are also other stories rumoured to be true as to how the tiramisu came to be, i would be very interested to hear any version you have?

Monday, June 1, 2009

To Lead Tomorrow, learn Today........

June already! where has all the time gone? well, I tell you we're been pretty busy dreaming up recipes and trying them out in the pastry to make sure i always have recipes that taste as good as they look and are a breeze to prepare I feature several yummy dishes. It's not going to be easy, from baker to pastry, but in few month, I see progress as my influence becomes greater. I have to think about every move I make. To lead tomorrow, learn today. No matter where you're starting from, I can get better, That's true even time when it come........

Little gifts from wedding couple

They don,t want to send them guests home with just a piece of wedding cake, biscuit, candy or some food product. This era are gone..However them replacement with something look like a mini cup cake & swiss roll but make it from handkerchief with nicely wrapped, well little mementos that come with a personal touch are gaining favour with couples who want their friends to have something special by which to remember an equally special day.

"Orang jauh terkenang-kenang,
Hanya terkenang pada yang satu,
Mula berkenal kemudian bertunang,
Diatas pelamin duduk bersatu. "

Selamat pengantin Baru kepada our friends Mohammad & Nor........................